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Buy our organic grass fed beef 

All of our meat is totally grass-fed - no grain, ever. It is also certified organic under USDA organic standards, which require that no harmful substances are used on the cattle or our land as well as that the cattle are humanely treated and that we conserve and protect the soil and water.

 Our Cattle 

nine generations of family

Kezialain Farm, located between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers in New York, has been in our family for over 240 years. It is one of the oldest family farms in New York State.

We love and care for this land that has supported our family for eight generations. 

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A Beautiful Setting for events

 The Kezialain Farm is complete with rolling hills, ponds, and forest trails. 

Join us and our community while we explore nature, sustainability, health, and more!





Kezialain Beef is Certified Organic and Certified 100% Grass-fed

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