Our farm is in Westtown, New York, in western Orange County. We're close to the borders of both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, about 15 or 20 minutes from Middletown, Port Jervis, Warwick and Sussex New Jersey, and a little over an hour from the George Washington Bridge. We don't ship our meat. You pick it up at the farm - which also lets you see where and how our cattle are raised. Let us know when you come if you'd like a short tour.

Our meat is processed by Leona Meats, at a small, family run slaughterhouse in Troy, Pennsylvania. It is USDA approved and certified organic. The meat is dry aged from 10 to 15 days, vacuum packed and frozen.



Sides - $5.80 (Per Pound Hanging Weight)

Quarters -  $6.10 (Per Pound Hanging Weight)

Eighths - $6.45 (Per Pound Hanging Weight)

20 Pound Variety Pack - $240

Ground Beef (When Available)
20 Pounds - $155


Hanging Weight And Take Home Weight

Hanging weight (carcass weight) is the weight of the animal after the initial slaughtering and processing. This weight is used to determine the price of a side, quarter or eighth.

Take home weight (finished cut weight ) is the amount of meat in retail cuts that is produced from the animal., and will average 65% of the hanging weight.

What Happens To The Other Third Of The Hanging Weight?

All good quality beef, whether grain or grass fed, is dry aged. This enhances flavor and tenderizes the meat. Kezialain beef is dry aged 10 to 15 days. As moisture evaporates, the weight of the meat decreases significantly. Supermarket meat is almost always wet aged: the quality of the meat suffers, but they have more pounds of meat to sell.

The rest of the weight difference between hanging and take home weight is the bone and fat that are removed when the meat is cut. The actual amount depends on many factors, but especially how many boneless or bone-in cuts are included and how lean the ground beef is. Ours is usually 88 to 90% lean. That means a few less pounds of fat - and a few less pounds of take home meat.

Sides, Quarters and Eighths

If you buy a side, you can have it cut to order - decide which cuts you want, size of roasts, thickness of steaks, how lean the ground beef and many other specifics. When you order quarters or eighths, we try to include as many of your preferred cuts as possible; we won't give you cuts you don't like.

Cost is based on the actual hanging weight. The meat cuts you get average 65% of the hanging weight. (See explanation on left for more about hanging weight and take-home meat cuts). Sides cost $5.90 per pound of hanging weight (the hanging weight is usually 230 and 250 pounds). Quarters (half that weight) are $6.10 per pound and eighths $6.45. A side should fit easily in 8 to 10 cubic feet of freezer space. Allow 5 for a quarter, 3 for an eighth. You could have less, but it would be a little harder to find the cuts easily. 


Variety Packs and ground beef

 We sell a 20-pound pack for $240 which includes a mixture of steaks, ground beef and other cuts.  When you pick it up, we go through the cuts with you to make sure you like them all. 

Ground Beef

We don't always have extra ground beef. When we do, we sell it in 20 pounds packs (in one pound packages) for $155.





Order Early

 Usually most of our meat is available from late summer through early
spring although sometimes we have more available.

We encourage you to contact us as early as possible
so you can get meat when you want it.

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