100% grass-fed & Organic beef has more flavor, HEALTH BENEFITS, and is lower in fat than grain fed meat.


Here are a few of the standards for organic certification of cattle: 

  • The cattle must always be treated humanely, be in the pastures as much as possible and always have access to fresh air and exercise. 

  • They are kept healthy with high quality pasture and a low stress, natural living environment, free of medications.
  • The pastures that organic cattle graze and fields that produce their hay must be free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful substances. No genetically modified seeds may be used.
  • Our pastures are full of the native grasses and plants that grow naturally in the field.
  • Organic beef is not necessarily 100% grass-fed. Even some meat sold as grass-fed organic is from cattle “finished" with grain, often corn. Even if the grain fed to these animals is organic, the beef will not have the benefits of 100% grass-fed beef.

  • Certified Organic cattle must be free of all antibiotics, growth hormones, fly sprays or other harmful substances.
  • Their may be no harmful chemicals used in the barns or on the fields for cleaning, pest control or for any other reason. 
  • Certified Organic farms must keep the land naturally fertile, control erosion of the soil and protect the water supply.

If It's Not Certified Organic...

Many small farmers who raise grass fed meat use organic practices even though they may not be certified organic. Their cattle are well cared for, they're healthy and stress free, the farmers care for their land, and stay away from using harmful substances.

The best way to know about the quality of your food is to know the farm. It's hard to know how meat is actually raised on a ranch a thousand miles away unless it's certified as organic or grass-fed.

When the cattle is raised by a local farmer, you can usually find out what you want to know. Talk to them. Talk to other farmers or people who know them. Or go to the farm and see for yourself. That's one reason buying locally is so important. 

One reason we want people to pick up their meat at the farm is to see where and how the meat is raised. If you're interested in buying our meat and want to see how our cattle are raised, let us know. We'd love to meet you and we think you'll enjoy seeing the farm.

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We’re Certified By NOFA-NY

Although we started farming organically in the 1970’s, we actually applied for the organic certification of our pastures, hay and produce in 2000. Starting 2006, the cattle born here are also certified organic under the USDA organic standards. Our certifier is NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC.